Monday, December 24, 2012

Expert Advice

This month I have a short article in Sail Magazine.  Initially it was written as a blog post for The Story Sailboat, but when I gave it to Patrick to edit, he recommended I submit it to Sail instead.  I was nervous, I've never sent anything to a national magazine for publication -  but fortunately, the editors there were very friendly and encouraging.

I've lived on a sailboat now for over a year - and it took a bit of adjusting (truly, I'm still adjusting.)  Of course, the adventure of it all makes it more exciting than living in a suburban apartment.  But, there's significantly less space, always something to fix, and the kitchen is not what I'd become used to.  So, I came up with a few ideas for other women planning on moving aboard. They include suggestions on wine, footwear, toiletries, and understanding the inner workings of your motor.  It's pithy and entertaining - so check it out on page 20 of the January issue.

I enjoyed working with Sail, maybe writing another magazine article should be a New Year's resolution ...