Sunday, October 21, 2012

Santa Cruz to Monterey . . .

Charting the course the night before
We took my little Catalina 27 from the Santa Cruz harbor to the Monterey Marina on Friday.  The wind was light and the waves, a bit on the rolling side for my tastes. . . but the marine life was truly amazing.

Right out the gate we saw three or more dolphins jumping around, which set us off on a great start.  About an hour later Patrick shouted at me from the bow, we'd sailed into a huge group of gorgeous jellyfish!  Mostly Pacific Sea Nettles, there were also neat blue ones! This was a highlight as we were surrounded by jellies for most of the trip and I have a special affinity for them.

Around the ten mile mark, we spotted a pod of seals!  They were jumping and looking at us and traveling in a pack towards Monterey, I never knew they swam like that.  You can see a video of them here:

As we were approaching the marina in Monterey, we saw a mother and baby otter and while the baby seemed quite interested in us, the mother knew to steer clear!

The day was so full of random marine life sightings, it was like being on a tour!  Who knew that so close to home there would be such an amazing way to see the wonders of the ocean?!

The sail took almost 6 hours, the wind was so light, but it was great to get the Catalina out, figure out how to take the mast down to go under the bridge, felt how both jib sails took the wind, and otherwise putter around while sailing . . . always a good time!