Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sailing for Library Advocacy

I've been working on a library advocacy project with @pcsweeney for a while now. You can learn more about it here: Basically, we do book seeding and develop guerrilla libraries in an effort to increase awareness of the benefits of libraries and literacy on our society. We just got our new roller furling jib so we thought we'd take the boat out on a weekend cruise to Coyote Point Yacht Club and Berkeley, then take BART into the city and run around a bit. So here are some sightings during The Story Sailboat’s weekend sail:

1. Two HUGE jellies.  I didn’t have time to snap a picture as we sailed by but I’m pretty sure there were Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish like this one:

2. A drenched SSB (Story Sailboat) crew as we battled the ocean into Coyote Point.

3. Women finding a SSB seeded novel on a park bench, looking at it, talking about it, and taking it with them.

4. A seabird catching a small fish then, trying to fly away.  But the fish was too heavy or awkward somehow, and so the fish struggled then, dropped the fish . . . only to catch it mid-air and fly off [seemingly] happy.

5. San Francisco librarians bowling at Mission Bowl.

6. SSB seeded books all over the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (San Francisco's subway.)

7. A cut and bruise the size of a softball on Patrick’s shin after he climbed up and back to the foredeck three times fixing the spindle on our roller furling.

8. The flickering morning sunlight on the still water in the channel out to the Peninsula.

9. Books on water fountains, in laundry mats, on door steps, in subway stations, lying on park benches and the back seats of taxi cabs, books in restaurants and window sills; free books all over Berkeley and San Francisco with literacy statistics inside and the fact: Libraries Build Literate Communities.

10. Two happy library-advocate-sailors.