Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Out of the Peace Corps for seven months now, I've decided to repurpose this blog for my next great pursuit - an Education PhD.

I didn't post much during my time as a PCV, mostly because I ended up living in a hut on the side of a mountain in rural Africa. But I'm hoping my new integration into an ever-advancing technological society will change that.

UCSC banana slug
However, a lack of blog posts does not indicate a less than life changing experience. I made amazing friends, locals and other PCVs alike. I feel like I made a real contribution to the community I lived in, professionally. And I learned how strong I could be. I wouldn't trade those lessons, experiences, memories for anything. Lesotho seems a world away now - and it is. But its time to move on to new places, as the wind does . . .

I'll be studying Education with a focus on science and math teacher education, program evaluation, and professional development at the University of California, Santa Cruz starting in October. I'm hoping to use this blog for my random thoughts on the process, and life as a PhD student.