Monday, July 9, 2012

An Apartment Boat

Finding a place to live in Santa Cruz can be tough.  The traditional options, a room in a house, a small apartment, and grad school housing all seemed a) a bit expensive, b) super permanent, and c) did I mention expensive?  Especially since I'll only need a place to stay a few nights a week, classes are only Monday - Wednesday.
Rooms for rent range from $500/mo. to $950 not including all those pesky extras you never think about: wifi, electricity, etc.  Apartments of course will set you back $1200 - $1500/mo within Santa Cruz proper, plus a deposit and last months rent.  Graduate student housing, all though in a convenient location, is around $1000 a month and thats just for a private bedroom with shared kitchen and living areas freshmen-dorm-style.  All of this was sounding a bit daunting considering my tiny doctoral student stipend.  

So in another direction, a more adaptable, freeing direction, I decided to buy a boat.  Its a small sailboat that lives in the North Harbor of Santa Cruz.  Found on craigslist, of course, I emailed the guy only half serious.  But the more he told me about the boat, the more serious I became.  Its an old Catalina 27' with a beautiful dark blue hull.  The inboard works great and the deck is solid.  It needs some work inside so I'll be spending next weekend working on the galley and cleaning everything up.  But you can't beat the location!  The Harbor/Seabright area is my favorite Santa Cruz neighborhood and its an easy bus ride to campus. 

Hanging out in the harbor, sailing around on Wednesday nights, going up to Linda's for breakfast, the Brewery for Tuesday fish taco neighborhood nights . . . it's going to be a good time.