Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Maui to Home and Away

Flying back from Maui I sat next to an Army weapons engineer. I told him I was going into the Peace Corps and he was remarkably excited for me, even mentioned that his daughter had talked about it before. It seemed like an odd pairing but as I sat reading a memoir about a socialist lesbian, he sat refining his electrical analysis powerpoint and all seemed balanced in the world - one extremist negates another I suppose.

We're about 33 days out of staging and I feel like I have so much to get together! My parents have helped me out a lot and so far I've gathered a Solio charger, compass watch, swiss army knife, am/fm/short wave radio, in addition to more comfortable work clothes. I still need to acquire a Flip, quick-dry towel, head lamp, java press, duffel bag, and then figure out how I'm going to get it all in my backpack!

It feels so far away, 33 days, inconceivable even . . .

I've started to rip dvds to my computer - I just got a bigger hard drive for my macbook. So far I just have Superbad. Any suggestions for movies that you think I won't get bored of after 2 years?