Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Since I accepted my invitation to the Peace Corps, its been hard to think of anything else. I sent in my passport for my new Peace Corps passport and I've revised my resume for the country staff.

They've also asked me to write an aspiration statement to help the staff know a bit more about me. I've been working on it - but something is holding me back. I feel like once I'm done with this essay . . . and I turn it in to the office . . . I'm done. I'll be back to waiting. Right now I have something immediate to do as part of the PC process but after my essay, nothing. I know I'll go shopping for things and start thinking about packing and canceling my cellphone, etc. but there's something about being actively involved in the process that I really enjoy.

I really have no choice - they only give you 10 days to turn it in. I was done with it yesterday and convinced myself I should get some editing help, perhaps to prolong the process - the part of the process where I feel in control.