Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yep! I've officially accepted my invitation to serve in the Peace Corps!! Come November 10th I'll be off to staging and then . . . Lesotho!

I'm going to go visit my Dad in Maui and try to spend sometime with my Mom and sister (I'll miss her high school graduation and first day of college) before I go.

But, in preparation for the big move, I've been reading through blogs and the Lesotho Welcome Book to figure out what I'll need, here's my list of things I actually need to buy before November . . . so far:

Coffee Press
A ton of those Crystal Light packets I like
Nice Dress
Elastic Band Knee-Length Skirts
Can Opener
Veggie Peeler
Sleeping Sack
Day Pack
Sewing Kit
Duct Tape
Ziploc Variety Pack
Shortwave Radio
iPod Solar Charger
LED headlamp